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Everything you need to create websites, QR codes, sell products, send invites, and more to share your best.

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Maximize your chances of selling merch, courses, and other products when they are promoted alongside your videos, podcasts, and streams all in one location.

Also, add a new revenue stream by adding sponsor spots to MOGULS ID websites that can be tracked with real-time analytics. Impress your sponsors with your real numbers.

  • Accept donations with Paypal Accept donations with Paypal
  • Get paid for bookings Get paid for bookings
  • Sell digital products Sell digital products
  • Promote your Shopify store Promote your Shopify store
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Amplify your streaming success on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Tidal, and more by directing your fans to your MOGULS ID.

Elevate your visibility and increase royalties as your dedicated supporters engage with your content.

  • Promote your albums, playlists & singles Promote your albums, playlists & singles
  • Share Tidal playlists Share Tidal playlists
  • Embed your YouTube videos Embed your YouTube videos
  • Stream Twitch gaming sessions Stream Twitch gaming sessions
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Free QR Codes

Unlock the potential of your brand with personalized QR codes. Our user-friendly platform empowers you to effortlessly generate QR codes for everything from product packaging to NFTs, restaurant menus and beyond.

Customize your QR codes with your unique colors and logo, ensuring that your business stands out in even the most competitive markets.

Free QR Codes

Limitless Options with Apps

Discover a universe of possibilities with MOGULS ID apps — Find apps for everything, from livestreaming, securing exclusive fan content, gettting fan feedback with questions & much more.

  • PayPal Payments

    PayPal Payments

    Accept payments & donations
  • Email Collector

    Email Collector

    Build your email list
  • Art & NFT Gallery

    Art & NFT Gallery

    Promote your NFT & art
  • Anchor FM Podcasts

    Anchor FM Podcasts

    Stream your podcasts from your Mini-Sites
  • Spotify


    Stream Soundcloud singles & playlists
  • Soundcloud


    Stream Soundcloud singles & playlists
  • Twitch


    Live stream from Twitch
  • Discord


    Grow your Discord chat servers
  • RSS Feed

    RSS Feed

    Stream your latest blog posts


MOGULS ID is a personal branding platform meticulously crafted for ambitious individuals—be they creatives, artists, athletes, or professionals. Every facet of MOGULS ID has been meticulously designed to address the distinct requirements of those seeking more than the generic tools provided to the masses.
At MOGULS ID, our dedication is unwavering—we strive to furnish you with the essential tools required to rise above the competition in a saturated market. Our tireless efforts are centered on delivering innovative services that not only foster the expansion of your customer and fanbases but also empower you to monetize your endeavors.
With the costs of hiring developers and designers accumulating rapidly, MOGULS ID introduces free mini-websites. With multiple brand launches, marketing campaigns, and customer experiences consistently in play, the traditional approach becomes financially burdensome. MOGULS ID Mini-Sites can be dedicated to each project—whether its a podcast, album, art collection, or more. Not only does this streamline your endeavors, but it also allows you to ignite visitor excitement without the hefty price tag associated with traditional websites.
Apps makes your Mini-Sites more interactive by adding your Youtube videos, Twitch Livestreams, Spotify songs, Anchor Podcast and many other services directly to your Mini-Sites. Your visitors get to experience content across multiple website all from one Mini-Site.
Yes. With a PRO plan you can generate unlimited branded QR Codes. You can only create 1 QR Code with a free account.
NEVER! We would never stop the new mogul from getting a start and growing with us. We designed our free plan with the right amount of tools for you to grow your brand. Unlike other platforms you are not just a number we need to show investors - we understand your desire for growth and will be here to support you as long as we can.
Dedicated to empowering the ambitious, our tool development at MOGULS ID is grounded in a profound understanding of the elevated craftsmanship demanded by the mission-critical endeavors of moguls. Each feature is not just conceived but meticulously scrutinized, ensuring thoughtful consideration and seamless integration into an ecosystem crafted by moguls for moguls. In this bespoke environment, nothing about you or your aspirations is treated as generic; instead, it is regarded with the individualized attention and tailored precision befitting the unique journey of each mogul we proudly serve.
At MOGULS ID, we understand that you prioritize results as the utmost priority. With us, you can seamlessly accept payments and donations through PayPal, charge advertisers for sponsored posts, and strategically promote your music and videos to amplify streaming royalties. These are merely a glimpse into the plethora of options available, and we assure you that more innovative apps are on the horizon—each designed to catapult your earning potential to new heights.