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The digital branding platform trusted by moguls to promote their art, projects, and increase sales.

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5X the impact your livestreams, podcasts, videos and exclusive content by having them all-in-one location for your fans.

Your sponsors and revenue numbers will love it!
  • Accept donations with Paypal Accept donations with Paypal
  • Charge client bookings with Zelle Charge client bookings with Zelle
  • Accept CashApp payments Accept CashApp payments
  • Promote your Shopify store Promote your Shopify store


Boost your streaming views and royalties from Youtube, Spotify, Tidal and others when your fans visit your MOGULS ID mini-sites.

  • Stream your Spotify singles Stream your Spotify singles
  • Share Tidal playlists Share Tidal playlists
  • Embed YouTube videos Embed YouTube videos
  • Livestream Twitch sessions Livestream Twitch sessions


Generate QR CODES for your product packaging, NFTS, restaurant menus and more. Customize QR CODES with your own colors and logo to make your brand stand-out in a crowded market.



Find apps for everything! Livestreaming, exclusive fan content, fan questions & more

  • PayPal Payments

    PayPal Payments

    Accept payments & donations
  • Email Collector

    Email Collector

    Build your email list
  • Art & NFT Gallery

    Art & NFT Gallery

    Promote your NFT & art
  • Anchor FM Podcasts

    Anchor FM Podcasts

    Stream your podcasts from your Mini-Sites
  • Spotify


    Stream Soundcloud singles & playlists
  • Soundcloud


    Stream Soundcloud singles & playlists
  • Twitch


    Live stream from Twitch
  • Discord


    Grow your Discord chat servers
  • RSS Feed

    RSS Feed

    Stream your latest blog posts


MOGULS ID is a personal branding platform for ambitious creatives, artists and professionals that allows them to create Mini-Sites to promote their art, services and products without the headaches of traditional websites.
We are not opportunists chasing the next fad. Our team is dedicated to creating the best services for the Mogulverse. We are 100% FOCUSED on creating a trusted platform that serious creators know will offer great features that help achieve their goals.

You will always have multiple brand launches, marketing campaigns and customer experiences running all the time.

Hiring developers, designers, etc adds up. Creating a Mini-Site for each project enables you to get visitors excited about your podcast, album, art, etc without the cost of traditional websites.
Apps makes your Mini-Sites more interactive by adding your Youtube videos, Twitch Livestreams, Spotify songs, Anchor Podcast and many other services directly to your Mini-Sites. Your visitors get to experience content across multiple website all from one Mini-Site.
Yes. With a PRO plan you can generate unlimited branded QR Codes. You can only create 1 QR Code with a free account.
NEVER! We would never stop the new mogul from getting a start and growing with us. We designed our free plan with the right amount of tools for you to grow your brand. Unlike other platforms you are not just a number we need to show investors - we understand your desire for growth and will be here to support you as long as we can.

We develop tools for the ambitious so we understand the high level of craftsmanship that is needed for the mission critical work of moguls.

Every feature has been carefully thought through, vetted and integrated in an eco-system designed for moguls by moguls. Nothing about you or your goals is generic for us.

We are always expanding those options, after-all moguls always focus on the high value outcomes first.

With MOGULS ID you can accept payments/donations with PayPal, charge advertisers for sponsored posts, and promote music/videos to increase streaming royalties. These are just a few options; many more apps are on the way to help you maximize your earning potential with us so stick around for the growth.

We also have an affiliate/Agent program that allows you to get paid 15% of any paying subscription you refer for the duration as an active paying account. You will be paid out every 15th of the month. Learn More

The Mogulverse was created to help ambitious individuals find communities and resources that help them thrive. From services like Moguls ID to help with branding to crowdfunding platforms that help with capital.